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Double oven Montpellier DO3570IB (Graded) -31% Out Of Stock

Double oven Montpellier DO3570IB (Graded)

Electricity Class AOven capacity 35/50 litersMechanical controlDouble glassCool-touch doorDimensions..

390.00€ 269.00€ Ex Tax: 269.00€

Double oven Montpellier MDO90K (Graded) -33% Out Of Stock

Double oven Montpellier MDO90K (Graded)

Electricity Class AOven capacity 36/69 litersMechanical controlDouble glassCool-touch doorThe total ..

325.00€ 219.00€ Ex Tax: 219.00€

Double oven Siemens NB557ABS0B -10% Out Of Stock

Double oven Siemens NB557ABS0B

Oven capacity 34/47 litersElectronic controlDouble glassCool-touch doorThe total capacity of 5.6 kWD..

1,100.00€ 990.00€ Ex Tax: 990.00€